5 Ways A Brain Injury Impacts Your Family

When many people think about the effects of a brain injury, they only think about how it affects the individual. It is important to acknowledge the effects that a brain injury has on a person. However, it is equally important to acknowledge the ways that a brain injury can affect the entire family.

Negative Impact on the Relationships

People who have suffered a brain injury often exhibit behavioral, emotional, mood and personality changes. They may suffer from depression, anxiety and have emotional outbursts. This can strain relationships and have a negative impact on the relationships that one has with their family members.

Financial Burden

Many people who have a brain injury are unable to work. This can put a financial strain on the family. The financial strain can be even greater if the person who suffered the traumatic brain injury was the primary caregiver along with the newly acquired medical bills.


People with brain injuries often require around-the-clock care, putting a lot of stress on family members. Stress can lead to depression, anxiety and poor health.


People naturally feel guilty when something happens to one of their loved ones. They often think about what they could have done to prevent it. They may also feel guilty when they take time away from the person they are caring for.


People who are caring for a loved one with a traumatic brain injury live in constant fear. Will this person ever recover? How long will this person live? How much longer will I be able to care for this person? What happens when I can no longer care for them? Those are just a few of the many questions that people have.

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