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Aftermath in Adams: Lifelong trauma chases victims of abuse at Adams Memorial Junior High

Ex-Turners Falls Paper workers suing over plant closure, paychecks

Southworth Paper files for bankruptcy a month after abruptly closing in Agawam, Turners Falls, Seattle

Employees of Western Mass. paper company sue for unpaid wages in wake of surprise shutdown

New details emerge about abusive priest’s history with Springfield Catholic diocese

Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield reaches settlement

Five Blinded after cataract surgery preformed at West Springfield clinic

Jury acquits former UMass student of rape

Andrew Nicastro announces $500,000 settlement in civil lawsuit against two retired Springfield bishops

Andrew Nicastro testifies that sexual abuse by former priest Alfred Graves made him angry, emotionally distant

Springfield Bishop Emeritus Joseph Maguire statement: Andrew Nicastro and family ‘suffered greatly’ from ‘terrible’ clergy abuse

Andrew Nicastro describes alleged sexual abuse by defrocked priest Andrew Graves, says 2 former bishops should have prevented it

Andrew Nicastro settles clergy abuse lawsuit for ‘substantial six-figure’ sum

Trial begins in civil suit brought by Andrew Nicastro against the Most Rev. Joseph Maguire and Thomas Dupre

Father of alleged clergy sexual abuse victim Andrew Nicastro, testifies of implicit trust in priests

Greenfield lawyer John Stobierski, citing Jerry Sandusky case, says other priest should have reported Richard Lavigne’s child sexual abuse

Peter Caffrey of Michigan, claiming he was raped by disgraced priest Richard Lavigne, sues 2 former Springfield bishops

Peter Caffrey to file suit charging two former Springfield Diocese bishops failed to protect him from defrocked priest Richard Lavigne

Opening statements in clergy abuse lawsuit against Springfield bishops

Clergy sex abuse lawsuit settled against Bishops Dupre & Maguire

Jury selection in civil case against Springfield Bishops Thomas Dupre and Joseph Maguire

Clergy sex abuse case settlement

Lawyer disputes Lavigne defense

Judge: Open altar boy murder file

Croteaus seek new investigation of son’s murder

Former bishop to be deposed in diocese suit

Clergy abuse trial set for November, 2008

Court documents reveal altar boy’s ordeal

Wrongful death suit dismissal overturned

Evidence against ex-priest at issue

7 suspended officers told to be at meeting

Diocese faces new claims of sex abuse

Murder probe pressed against ex-priest

Abuse settlements OK’ d

Abuse seen as cause of suicides

Group assails Geoghan guards

Putting His Faith in Justice

Colrain Journal; Peace Advocates Turn Tax Resistance Into a Ritual

Insurers win access to church documents

Former Bishop [Dupre] Springfield, MA, to be deposed

Courthouse Steps Mavens

Court opens slain altar boy investigation files

Lawyers Weekly – Crime/Punishment

Ruined files spark allegation

Victims’ attorney: The Catholic Church still has a long way to go

Accused Clergy Had Influential Posts

Victims’ attorney: The Catholic Church still has a long way to go

Croteau Files to Be Opened

Insurers Want to Depose Abuse Victims

Judge Considers Ruling on Liability of Church

Bishop Denies Saying Predecessor Destroyed Abuse Data

Abuse Plaintiffs Ask for Files

Judge: Open Altar Boy Murder File

Bishop Denies Saying Predecessor Destroyed Abuse Data

Bishop Hoping to Heal Wounds

Former Bishop to Be Deposed in Diocese Suit

Date Set for Clergy Abuse Suit

Diocese Says Constitution Protects It in Abuse Lawsuit

Slain Boy’s Family Demanding Justice

Files on Ex-Priest Ordered Unsealed

Priest Removed from Ministry, New Lawsuits Filed before Legal Deadline

Mystery Surrounds Case of Ex-Bishop

Vatican Defrocks 2 Area Priests

Bishop Quits after Abuse Query

Bishop Never Comfortable in Spotlight

Vatican Defrocks 2 Area Priests

Diocese: Church Alleges Conflict

Court Ruling May End Confidentiality of Abuse Victims’ Documents