Slip & Fall

Have you been injured in a slip or fall accident? Contact Stobierski & Stobierski now to have your case evaluated at no charge. We will fight for your rights as insurance companies and businesses try to negotiate with you and trick you into a settlement that is of the smallest compensation possible. Stobierski & Stobierski will stand up to those who try to bully you into getting less than you deserve. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars on medical bills and more. We will focus every effort on your case and your rights.

Slip and falls are the second leading cause of injuries in the United States, and also account for approximately 16,000 deaths each year. Many more result in serious injuries. Often these injuries/deaths are caused by dangerous conditions on someone else’s property. An injury/death from a fall that is caused by dangerous conditions on another person’s property may entitle the victim or victim’s family to compensation. The traumatic impact of a slip and fall accident can cause sever and long-lasting injuries. If you suffer from a slip and fall it is in your best interest that you seek medical and legal help without delay.

With over 400,000 restaurants and over 150,000 grocery/convenience stores in the United States, shopping in America is bound to prove a little hazardous. Whether there is snow outside making the floor slippery, a rug corner is turned up, or a banana peel is on the floor, you may be entitled to receive compensation for injuries or fatalities sustained in your slip and/or fall. Many times, you may slip or fall while you are at work. Most work-related injuries are handled through the state’s workers compensation program. Visit our work injuries page to read more.

The following are the four major categories a slip and fall accident can be labeled by:

  • Trip-and-Fall Accident: a regular walking path is blocked by a foreign object
  • Stump-and-Fall Accident: the walking surface is covered by an obstacle
  • Step-and-Fall Accident: the walking path is incomplete and/or contains fractures
  • Slip-and-Fall Accident: the walking path is surfaced with a slippery substance

If an injury has occurred, fill out an accident report immediately. Gather as much information as you can at the scene or soon after the accident, that way the report is as accurate as possible and a timely report can help make your claim stronger. Some things you need to include in your report are:

  • Date and Time
  • Description of Circumstances
  • Witnesses and their Recollections/Comments
  • Take Photos (if possible)
  • Treat Injury ASAP

Contact an attorney with Stobierski & Stobierski for a free slip and fall consultation. One of our attorneys will sit down with you in person or discuss your case with you over the phone at no charge. They will work to understand your situation and fight inside and out of the courtroom to see that you get all that you deserve.